I am a leader and/or on a committee. How do I know what I am authorized to do?

Look at the Committee Assignments table at the bottom of Your Account page. Committee assignments that are currently active have the "committee name" as a link (to that committee's roster) and have an End Date that is in the future. Here is what you may do based on the Position for an active committee assignment:

  • To schedule an activity and be listed as an activity's leader, you must have the Position of Leader on the committee assignment that matches the Branch and Committee chosen when listing the activity. Learn More

    When listing an activity, please double check these choices--this is often the source of the problem. For example, if you choose Branch: Everett and Committee: Hiking when listing an activity, you must have an active Everett Hiking committee assignment with Leader as the Position.

  • Anyone with an active committee assignment with any Position may email or export the contact information for any or all who serve on that committee. Learn More

  • If you have an active committee assignment that has the Position of Chair, Co-chair, Subcommittee Chair, Secretary or Treasurer, you may:

    ¤ Update your committee's roster Learn More
    ¤ Schedule an activity for one of your leaders Learn More
    ¤ Edit an activity's information* Learn More
    ¤ Change an activity's destination* Learn More
    ¤ Change an activity's leader* Learn More
    ¤ View or update any activity roster* Learn More
    ¤ Complete the update roster/credits for any activity for one of your leaders*
    ¤ File or edit an activity (trip) report for one of your leaders*
    ¤ Create or edit a destination (activity template) Learn More
    ¤ Use the Course Tracking system Learn More

    * Use the Explore menu to find the activity's roster or report you need to view or update. Learn More

Contact your committee chair if you think you should have a committee assignment or level of authorization that you do not have.