How does carpooling work?

As stewards for outdoor conservation efforts, The Mountaineers actively encourage participants to carpool as an effective way to decrease our environmental impact and reduce the number of vehicles at trailheads. Plus it’s a great way to meet other people participating in your adventure!

The Mountaineers do not directly facilitate carpools but we provide you with a way to organize your own carpool. After you register for an activity, you will be taken to a confirmation page which provides you with your activity confirmation number. This page also includes an “Opt-In Carpooling” section. If you would like to participate in the optional carpool information sharing, please provide your preferences in this section.

To participate, you will first need to select the box that says “I am interested in carpooling and agree to share my contact information and preferences.” Once you have done that, you may indicate if you would like to drive (and how many passengers you can take) or if you would like to ride with someone. If you can do either, simply check both boxes. Then, select your carpool area from the drop down menu. If you do not see your exact location on this menu, please select the area nearest to you. To have your account remember this area as your default for carpooling, check the box to the right of the drop down menu.

Please note: Your Account will only remember your location for carpooling. It will not automatically check the boxes to share your carpooling information. All of your other preferences will need to be set up for each activity. This means if you sign up for one activity and opt to share your information for carpooling, but sign up for a second activity and do not select the box to share your information, your information will only be shared for Activity 1 and NOT for Activity 2.


Once you have filled out the appropriate boxes, click “Submit”. This will submit your information into our data sharing system.

To view everyone’s contact information and carpool preferences, go to Your Account page. This page shows all of the activities for which you are registered and has a column next to the activity name with links to view or edit your carpool information for each activity.


The View Page option will take you to a master list of all opt-in carpool participants. Here you will find the email and phone number for each person. Please use this information to contact other participants to arrange a carpool. It is your responsibility to arrange a carpool for yourself.

For other frequently asked questions related to carpooling, view the Carpooling with The Mountaineers FAQ.

If you have trouble accessing your carpool information online, please contact our Member Services Team at or (206) 521-6001.

If you must cancel from the trip after the carpool has been organized, please contact the leader and your driver or riders and let them know!