My committee has a website. How does connect to it?

We continue to invest greatly in our web and data systems to make sure our activities, committees and branches have all the tools they need to get people outdoors—now and in the future. Meanwhile, if your activity or committee finds it needs to complement what is found through our main website, we are more than happy to provide a link to your group’s website when our viewers search for activities. All we ask is that you follow a few basic guidelines within your activity’s site:

(1) Links

  • Make sure there is a link to on the front page of your site and other pages. Some activities choose to link the M logo often found in the upper left corner of their web pages for the link back to the main site (see the Seattle Naturalists page for an example). Some simply place it in a top bar menu. However it best fits for you is okay, just as long as it is easily accessed.

  • Please link to the main website for contacts at The Mountaineers Program Center, maps/directions, procedures/help, course/trip registration, committee rosters, board of directors/policies, safety standards, minimum standards, and activity search. In other words, please don’t copy from the and paste into your activity’s website. Use the links to pages at as an easily linked reference for information that may change from time to time. This saves your webmaster from having to repeatedly go back to the main site to copy and paste the most current information.

(2) Look and Feel

  • Try to make sure your activity’s site emulates as much as possible given your webmaster’s tools at hand. If you need detailed information about style (color, font, size, bold, light, etc.) then please download the web style sheet. Spelling and grammar count too! In the web style sheet. you will also find guidelines for composition (word usage, terms, capitalization, abbreviations, etc.) and photo sizing.

  • Use the M logo to signify The Mountaineers (as it is at; not the wider logo that reads “The Mountaineers” beneath the mountain art.

  • Overall, keep your web page(s) simple and well organized.

(3) Maintenance

  • Last but not least, make sure your webmaster or their assistant can attend to the site at least once a week, just in case something needs updated. From the main site on down, we like to let viewers know that Mountaineers are out there doing something nearly every single day!

If you have any questions about being linked in the activity search of our main site, questions about maintaining your activity website, or attaining the correct art such as The Mountaineers logo, please start a private discussion. We will be glad to assist you!